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The Theory of Evolution proposed by Charles Darwin is reputed to be one of the most important developments of modern science.  It is up to the Philosophy of Nature to examine the arguments for evolution, and to pass judgement on the theory. 
Philosophy is the science of all things according to their ultimate causes, considered from human reason.  Philosophy approaches science from the point of view of epistemology, or from the point of view of metaphysics.  The philosophical discipline of epistemology of science discusses the justification and objectivity of science.  The philosophical discipline of metaphysics of science discusses philosophically the puzzling aspects of the reality uncovered by science.  (Honderich 2005, 852)

God is the Supreme Spirit, who alone exists by himself, and is infinet in all perfections, according to the recent Catechism.  All creation obtains existence from God, who is the "first cause uncaused."  God is also eternal, without beginning, end or succession. 
Atheism is the denial of the existence of God.  Some Evolutionists affirm that the this discovery accounts for all the processes that Christians had attributed to God, specifically that God created all things.  Therefore, it appears that Science,  in the form of Evolution, is opposed to Theology, which argues to the existence of God. 

The topic of evolution is being developed in conjunction with the Web Site Philosophy Alive and according to its promotion of the future relevance of philosophy.  You can access this site at the Link below:

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