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Theory of Evolution

News About Evolution


The theory of evolution is a constant and current item in the news:

Chicago Sun Times, daily newspaper; abbreviated CST
Chicago Tribune, daily newspaper; abbreviated CT
Time, a weekly magazine; abbreviated Time.

Favoring Evolution:
Chew on This:  debate on disappearing wisdom teeth  (CT, 25 Apr. 04)
Fossil Reveals: new... amphibian...300 million yrs old.  (CT, 10 Nov. 04)
Dancing to Evolution:  ...traits... genetic proliferation.  (Time, 17 Jan. 05)
Dinosaur Discovery:  Missing link / meat & plant eaters (CST, 5 May 05)
Gardens Grow:  chemical & genetic steps found (CT, 26 May 2005)
Philip Tobias:  doyen/ South African palaeoanthropol. (CT, 29 May 05)
Don't Worry Bedbugs: Bond /Humans and Insects (CST, 30 May 05)
Intelligent Design:  no place in science classes (CST, 8 June 2005)
U. of C. Reports Revolution in Evolution Theory (CST, 8 June 05)
Tetrapods to Land:  397 million yrs ago...earlier (CT, 7 Jan 10)
Against Evolution:
Darwin's Theory Evolves into Culture War (CT, 22 May 05)
Law Professor Philip Johnson: Make Scientists Think (CT, 27 May 05)
Faith and Science (Letter, page 22) (CT, 4 June 05)

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"...humans seem to have been created by evolution, not aliens.  And that is the key to under-standing happiness..." (Robert Wright, Time, 17 January 05)

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