Philosophy of Evolution: Human Apex

The State of the Question


Future Biological Evolution Of Man Is Unlikely,
And Equivocal

The Pontifical Gregorian University’s philosophy department maintains that man is the culmination of the evolutionary process.1 Should there be continued evolution, this would be cultural evolution.2 Other Neo-Scholastics, such as Nogar, agree that the study of primate ancestors or of animal behavior cannot give a full account of the origin of, the nature of, or the future of psycho-social novelty in man.3

Donat notes that for Darwinism, species can undergo limitless variation.4 Hugon also notes that "Not a few philosophers and scientists rely on that (evolutionary) perfection by indefinite progress through which nature is always elevated higher, that what is material in the beginning through successive evolutions attains life, from lower life to ape, and from ape to man, and in man continuous and perpetual perfection."5 This opens the question of continued variation of the human species

Author:  John Edward Mulvihill, S.T.D., D.Min., Ph.D.
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