Philosophy of Evolution: Human Apex

Question Needing A Reply


The future growth, development, and evolution of man is a very important and complex issue.  Considering evolution, some questions are primary and more important, while other questions are secondary and less relevant to biological evolution.  However, the secondary questions are very important in themselves.


Primary Questions

First, is the future biological evolution of man likely? Secondly, is cultural evolution likely to take the place of biological evolution in man? Thirdly, do the Neo-Scholastics have a more extensive answer to the nature of the final cause, the goal, of the human soul and of man? Fourthly, is the term evolution, applied to man, used as equivocal?

Secondary Questions

What do Neo-Scholastics hold about the goal of man? The goal of man is beatitude, which is the perfect happiness of a rational being.33

How is immortality defined? Immortality is unceasing permanence of being and life.34

How is resurrection defined? Resurrection is the repeat union of the soul with the same body which it possessed before death.35


Author:  John Edward Mulvihill, S.T.D., D.Min., Ph.D.
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